Här följer ett urval av de vanligaste tillvalen som kan göras i samband med beställning av bana. Pris enligt offert.



ZINC PRIMER (indicated for very humid environments). Implementation process in the metal structure in 9 phases:
(1) degreasing, (2, 3 and 4) triple washing with RO water, (5) passivated nano-ceramic, (6) washing, (7) drying, (8) applied of ZINC PRIMER polyester powder coating (9) polymerization process at 200-230 °C.


double hinged doors

2 double hinged doors in the middle of the court, with stainless steel lock and master key. 220x82cm each door that once opened create 2 large free access to facilitate the entry and exit, without any barriers.



6 reinforced steel posts x 2 m bearing a protection net  100 sqm PP 3mm mesh 45, closing the court 6 m height in both glass wall sides from spotlight to spotlight.


protection pro kit for net posts and doors

Protection professional kit for net posts and doors indicated for competition as safety devices for players. Allows to customized the courts and advertising for sponsors and avoid damage for players during the matches. Used at WORLD PADEL TOUR.